Official Website of Almukantarat Astronomy Club

Oficjalna Strona Klubu Astronomicznego Almukantarat


The club's charter is a foundation of our activity. The charter determines our goals, the rules of membership and the sources of decisive power in the Club. Original version of the charter is available in Polish, below you can read the abstract.

  1. General rulings

    Almukantarat Astronomy Club is a registered society with legal personality. It associates private and legal persons, whose aims are to develop their interests on astronomy and related sciences among the society, especially youth.

    The Club operates on the area of the Republic of Poland.

  2. Aims and measures of activity

    The Club's aim is to work in aid of development of interests on disciplines connected with astronomy. The aim can be achieved by:

    1. popularization of scientifical movement concerning astronomy and related sciences,
    2. dissemination of scientifical archievements,
    3. supporting legislative processes,
    4. organizing meetings, seminars, conferences,
    5. organizing active rest for people interested in astronomy and related sciences,
    6. educating the members,
    7. organizing presentations, exhibitions, shows, contents,
    8. publishing,
    9. national and international experience exchange,
    10. other legal ways conductive to the aim.
  3. Club Members

    Person who wants to become a member, needs to sign a declaration of membership and find two club members who agree to introduce them. The entire process ends by a positive opinion of Club Council.

    A legal person can become a supporting member.

    The members take part in Club's activities. They are allowed to co-decide on essential matters and use the Club's equipment and other possessions.

  4. Club Authorities

    The authorities of the Club are:

    1. Club Convention
    2. Club Council
    3. Club Presidium
    4. Audit Comittee

    The tenure of club authorities lasts two years.

  5. Club Property and Funds

    The Club's funds consists of: members fees, donations, subsidies and other income from the activities.

    All the revenue is intended to realization of statutory aims.